Top 5 Condiments that will help you lose fat and stay fit

Simply put, most condiments are full of unhealthy ingredients and are by far the quickest way to sabotage a healthy meal plan. When I work with clients the first thing to go is all the unhealthy sauces, dressings, and goopy stuff that line the inside of the fridge. Unless you are extremely careful and know exactly what to look for, you can easily end up with unwanted chemicals and calories all over your healthy meal. The best way to go is homemade, but there are a few good condiments on the shelves so don’t give up!

Let’s go over the top five best condiments that you should be using to add flavor to your meals so that you can make sure to choose wisely rather than hinder your fat loss efforts.


First, you can’t go wrong with mustard. It’s pretty much calorie free as long as you stay away from the honey sweetened varieties and a little will go a long way.

It’ll instantly add some zest to any meal you use to prepare it with. Consider using Dijon mustard when possible for added kick.


Salsa is the next best condiment that you should definitely be considering. Salsa is loaded with antioxidants as it’s made from fresh tomatoes and other vegetables and will be very low in calories as well. It’s a great way to add a little fiber and it’s very versatile and can work well on a wide range of foods from eggs in the morning to a chicken or fish at night.


Hummus is one of my favourite condiments.  People often don’t’ think of it as a condiment, but it’s really is! It’s made with chickpeas so its very nutritionally dense and great way to make a meal more complete. It’s perfect to add a bit of flavor and moisture to sandwiches and wraps or just to dip your veggies in.


Pesto is a healthy-fat containing condiment that’s a great choice for a number of different dishes and adds a pop of flavor to so many foods.  It too is incredibly versatile and can be used so many ways. I love it on top of grilled veggies or as a dip for my chicken.


Finally, while guacamole is slightly higher in total calories compared to some other condiment options, it’s a great choice because of the healthy fat content it offers. Prepared from avocado, this condiment will quickly put the brakes on your hunger level so that you can reduce temptation to go in for a snack in an hour or two and will also supply you with a high dose of vitamin E as well.  Avocados are high in fiber and contain protein so you can’t go wrong!