“Healthy” foods that make you FAT!

Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is considered a heath food, and it is. However, the highly processed low-fat yogurt taking over the grocery stores is loaded with garbage to compensate for the lack of fat. Look out for added sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Go for natural Greek yogurt and add your own fruit.

Fruit Juices

Fruit is heath, so we assume fruit juice is, right? Not! Most of the time it’s water, sugar, and some chemicals that taste like fruit. The problem with juice, even 100% fruit juice, is that they take all the good stuff out. There’s no fiber, no chewing, and nothing to keep you from downing 5 pieces of fruit in one cup of juice. This is way to much sugar to support weight loss goals. Instead, add a small splash of juice to your water or muddle some mint and berries or citrus to flavor your water.

Gluten Free/sugar free/fat free/calorie free Junk Foods

Gluten free has been come the latest buzz in the health food industry. Food manufactures have jumped on the bandwagon to market to those looking to eat healthier. The problem is not always the gluten, it’s the high refined carbohydrates, sugar, and various chemicals. I’m all about a little less gluten in our diets, but aim for naturally gluten free foods like plants and animals not processed “gluten-free” foods. Junk food is still junk food even if it’s fat free, sugar free, or gluten free!

Soy Foods

Soy is NOT a health food. Only a few decades ago, the soybean (unfermented was considered unfit to eat-even in Asia. Here in the US it has some how ended up a “health food”. The soybean was not considered as food until the discovery of fermentations. It should not be eaten unfermented for so many reasons. The first one being that most soy products have turned into franken foods. Advanced technology makes it possible to produce isolated soy protein from what used to be a waste product- defatted, high-protein soy sludge- and transformed it into different “foods” with the use of flavorings, preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers, and synthetic nutrients. Need I mention that soy disrupts the digestive, immune and neuro-endocrine systems of the human body and plays a major role in infertility, hypothyroidism and some types of cancer. It’s also on of the top ten food allergens. Bottom line, Soy is BAD NEWS!

 Diet Soda (and all artificial sweetened foods or beverages)

Consuming artificial sweeteners confuses the body and the brain. This leads to a vicious cycle of cravings, eating, eating more, and then craving more. Long term, you will gain weight because your body will continue to seek the nutrients it’s not getting. Skip the sugar free soda, it’s a tough habit to break but it will change the way you feel and look. Look for carbonated drinks that are sweetened with stevia, monk fruit, or honey instead.