Baby Jake on the Set!

As a trainer and a fitness fanatic, I’m always looking for fun things to make getting in shape or staying in shape fun! I get approached by so many companies to represent their products, and unless they are top notch, I don’t usually jump on board! However, today I spent the day shooting for the StreetStrider and it was so much fun. I couldn’t help but pinch myself every now and again to make sure this really was my job! Helping people get is shape is one thing, but having fun doing it is the best part!

I guess my point is that so many people find exercise daunting and it really bums me out because it truly can be fun. The key is having an open mind, trying new things, and keeping a positive attitude!
I’d love to hear what fun things you all do to stay fit!

P.S. Here’s a picture of me and Jake on the set. How fun is it that he gets to be in a few shots too!