5 Smart Snacks To Get You Through Your Day

If you’re aiming to eat better and see optimal fat loss success, it’s vital that you have good snacking habits. Some people believe that they should avoid snacking at all costs as doing so will just set them up for weight gain, but as long as you snack wisely, it will help you lose fat fast.

So which snacks should you be turning to? Let’s walk you through five top snacks that will satisfy your body as well as your taste buds all at the same time.

Almonds (or walnuts)

Almonds make for a healthy snack that’s rich in smart fats to fuel your body for the hours ahead. The nice thing about nuts is that not only will they provide you with some healthy fats, but they’ll offer a small dose of protein as well as fiber, making them a well-balanced snack choice.

A handful of almonds can sustain you for a few hours ahead, so it’s a very simple snack on the run. Just be sure you do watch portion sizes as they are very calorie dense.


An apple is the next great snack to consider as you move through your day. Apples are high in dietary fiber, so this can really go a long way towards keeping hunger down and the crunch factor will satisfy your cravings quickly. They travel well and keep fresh for a long time!

Apples provide a great sweet treat and can easily be combined with natural nut butter for added protein. Try cutting up an apple and sautéing it with a tiny bit of butter and cinnamon for a “almost apple pie” treat!

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is the next snack that should be a frequent go-to on your list. Greek yogurt will supply you with a very good dose of protein along with some calcium, which is needed for stronger bones.

Those people who consume lower fat dairy products on their diet plan tend to lose more fat from the abdominal region, so that’s one very big reason to get this snack in.

Top Greek yogurt with fresh berries or flaxseeds to make it more balanced.

Just do watch that you don’t get fruit flavored varieties as these will contain far too much added sugar for a smart diet snack option.

Sea Weed

Seaweed is also a terrific snack for the dieter who is watching their calories. This snack is rich in iodine, which is going to be important for helping you sustain a healthy metabolic.

Dried seaweed tastes great any time and can even be used to create your own sushi if you’re feeling highly adventurous.


Finally, don’t overlook olives. These are another good source of healthy fats that most people don’t even think about unless it’s a fancy party platter!

Snacking on olives though, perhaps with a few cubes of feta cheese can work as an excellent snack at any point throughout the day.

So there you have some smart snacking tips to get you started. If you choose these, you can feel good about fueling your body but keeping your nutritional intake on track.