It’s My Birthday!

Today is a big day! Not only because it’s Cinco de Mayo and everyone loves a good excuse to eat taco’s and drink margaritas, but because it’s my BIRTHDAY! I love birthdays and regardless of the ups and downs in life, I love to spend time with my loved ones and celebrate each year. I’m a shocking 43 years young and to be honest, minus a few wrinkles and other gravitational side effects, I’ve never felt better.

As the years pass I tend to appreciate all the little things I took for granted when I was younger. Like the days I was bummed that I had nothing to do, or the days that I would stress out because I only had an hour to workout! This past year was the first year that I really truly appreciated my parents and figured out that they have been right all these years. I could have saved myself a lot of heart aches and struggles if I’d learned that a little earlier!

As my son gets older, he’s almost 6, I’ve learned to really cherish every moment and not to freak out about perfection. Seeing the world through a five-year olds eyes puts so much in perspective. When I say good night to my husband and son I feel so blessed and never take how special that moment is.

As a professional, I have never been in a better place. To wake up each morning and do what I love each and everyday is incredible. If there’s ever too much of a good thing, this is it! I’m exhausted and over whelmed and loving each moment of it.

I feel like all the pieces of my experiences have added up and I’m FINALLY right where I want to be. I’ve been blessed to work with so many great people and companies and now it’s the grand finally. Some big changes are on the horizon! I’ll be sharing the good news soon!

I can’t say thank you enough. You have fueled my fire with your love and support and I appreciate that more and more as time goes by.

Now go grab some tacos and make my favorite margarita recipe and let’s celebrate another great year to come!